Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Genuine Beginnings {Puyallup Children's Photographer}

"Genuine beginnings begin within us, even when they are brought to our attention by external opportunities."

                                                           William Throsby Bridges
 So it has bee an little while since I have blogged and I apologize.  Not much and a lot have gone on all at the same time.  Elise turned one, and I have yet to take her pictures because she has been sick off and on.  I have not been very motivated and I am not sure why.  As far as packing and getting the house ready to sell, I think I am procrastinating because a huge part of me is wishing James gets a job here and we don't have to sell the house at all.  I have been looking at houses in some of the cities that James has been applying to, and honestly...everywhere else has a better housing market than here.  But it is easier to land a position here and not have to move my family and leave our friends.  On the other hand, moving to where my family is near and having them around to help with the kids would be nice.  You know, actually getting a kid free date. 

So as to the above quote, I am going to start with a new beginning within myself.  I am going to keep working on some projects for Milestone Memories...I started selling my crochet hats and props through the zenfolio link, and plan to start selling templates after things settle down.  I am excited to figure out what is in store for my business after things settle down with James and he gets a position somewhere.  I am very excited to implement some of my fabulous marketing ideas in the future and get more steady sessions. 

I have a few sessions coming up, including Elise's one year pictures, newborn baby twins, and a 9 months old whom I have been taking pics of since birth.  I have some great ideas for those sessions and have already made some great props and have gotten a few new backdrops.  I will be making a really cute jester hat for Baby A.J. to go with my new green batik background. 

I also restructured my polices, procedures, and Packages.  Please visit the your investment tab to get an idea of session fees and what they include.  I will have a post later this week with some of the New Fine Art Collections (Wall Art) and Newborn and Family collections. 

For the crochet portion of the business, I have decided that for every 3 hats sold, I will donate 1 to Hats Off For Cancer.  I will also be participating in the hat drive during 1 week in April.  The hat drive is not just handmade items but new hats from newborn to adult as well and begins April 10th.

That's all I've got right now, baby is waking up.  Posting the new packages soon.

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