Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween (Graham Children's Photographer)


I did extend the special offer, so book your appointment by 11/12/10.  See the Prices and Information tab for more details.  Hope to get out there and take more pictures soon!!

 So Much Fun!!

Oh, how I wish I had a good camera.  My kids will get to put their costumes on one more time this week after my brand new camera arrives.  Highlight of the day:  Elise started crawling and pulling herself up!!  Pumpkins are a huge success and I will add those pictures tomorrow.  We had Darth Vader, which James designed by hand, and Yoda, from a stencil book. 

Tomorrow we will roast the seeds.  Downside: Riley keeps trying to play the baby toys and has knocked Elise down a few times.  The Princess and the knight fared well.  Riley did not get a lot of candy because there was a house that had ghosts and scared him.  Same house as last year.  We are trying a new discipline technique and it seems to be working.  You can see that below.  So he earned his goal of 5 pieces of candy after trick or treating is over, he eats it all.  Not 5 minutes later he says, "Mom can I have this apple."  I love it, he is so good.  He finished this soft ball sized apple, too.  All in all it was a great day.  I get my camera in two days.  I got some fun things to use in Photoshop.  I have a date and time set up for test shots with a fellow photographer and friend.  I am so excited.

 The Program

When he is polite and does as or more than expected (since he is constantly surprising me) he earns points.  Or if I ask him to do something and he does it well without arguing, he earns points.  If he gets his goal for the day, usually 15, then he earns the gift for that day also.  If he does something he shouldn't, then points can be taken away.

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