Monday, November 8, 2010

Crazy Times

So I have a new rule in my house...only edit pictures on Mon, Wed, and Fri, especially when they are just for show and for a session.  I know you all want samples, and I will get there.  I plan to get things organized in my home for my studio and so the home functions with just a little upkeep here and there, so I have some catching up to do.  It was challenging to get started because Elise got pretty sick this weekend and is still not 100%.  Starting next week, I will be getting my background stand and some backgrounds.  I am working on getting the word out in my community, hoping I will get sessions since I am so close and part of the neighborhood.  Once I get my first order, I will get some business cards and maybe postcards to advertise.  I plan to try to give referral cards to all my clients, maybe with something for them on the other side.  We are also going to do a huge road trip through CA, NV, AZ, IN, AL, SC (poss), and poss MA, CT, and family in that area.  We will know more once we find out if and where James is going to get a job.  I can't wait to get all those photo sessions in...Top of my list The {H} Family in AL, my best friend and I have not seen her in just about 4 years, and my cousin surfing.  Hoping this finds all my followers well.  Please contact me with any session related (or not) questions.

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