Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My friend 'A' and her college friends {Tacoma Family Photographer}

These girls were a blast to be around and really made me miss my college days.  They are sweet and learning and full of energy and life.  I had so much fun with them, their awkward family photos, and the creative ideas they wanted to capture.  The University of Puget Sound has a beautiful campus and I only hope to be able to hold another session there during the daylight hours.  Here is a preview of my friend and former co-worker 'A' and her college friends:
These two girls are great friends, and I just loved this creamy black and white on their glowing, giggling faces. Group portraits are some of my favorite sessions.
Miss 'A' is also a photographer, so variety was key for this Group Portrait session.  There are a lot more, I did some grunge, vintage, black and white, and more.

I love making pages like this, storyboards, collages, and scrapbook pages add a nice touch to any Portrait session.

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