Saturday, November 27, 2010

Moving Along

I knew starting this business away from my friends and family would be a challenge.  I really just don't know how to get out there and get those babies when they are new so i can create lasting clients.  First session was a great success and they seem to be really impressed with my moment capturing and enhancing skills.  They are talking about doing a 3 or 4 generational family picture.  I am very much looking forward to that happening!  I love groups. I am really glad I worked so hard on editing those pics and it was really fun, I learned a ton of neat tricks in Photoshop that were free.  I also realized that I have enough of a knowledge for the program to design my own cards, storyboards, collages, and the much more!  Now all you fans out there just have to spread the word about my passion for photography and the customers I serve and I should get busy in no time. 

I have my prize winner to take pictures of while I am in Phoenix visiting next.  She happened to be a family friend and she is a family of 12 right now.  I am looking forward to this opportunity very much.  I will be doing a few other sessions while there.  It is really good to be going home for the Holidays! 

Contest Extended

Make sure you enter your fav family photo and why you need to win a free session.  I am so excited about this contest.  After you submit the photo, I will post each on my Facebook Fan page, tag you, leave caption with a brief description as to why they should vote for you.  The great thing, is then you get your friends and family to like my page, and then like your photo.  The top three likes gets a free session and various prizes.  All entrants receive a 20% discount on session fees!  This helps me grow my fan base and therefore my business, also helps me add to my portfolio.  You get great portraits at a discounted price or even FREE!  Share with your friends and family that this is going on!

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