Friday, October 22, 2010

The Trick (South Puget Sound Children's Potographer)

      So I have been talking to many of my photographer friends and they are telling me that the best way to get exposure is to continue to blog about anything, even if I don't have pictures or sessions going on right now.  So I am going to give it a shot.

   It has been almost a week since my last day at the Portrait Studio I used to manage.  I have only received 2 calls this week from the acting manager (I did tell her I don't mind).  My injury that incurred at the studio is on the mend and looking to be resolved by next month.  I have been trying to organized and really clean house, but I keep getting obsessive about finding everything I can about how I want to operate and run my business, trying to get fast and comfortable with Photoshop again, and getting my name out there.  While I am enjoying the new found freedom of being a stay at home mom, I really need to focus on time management.  I need to take advantage of the time I have with my kids.  I plan to start making lesson plans to do with my 4 year old while the baby is napping and am open to ideas if anyone want to share some things they do with their children.

    Today, Riley (4 years of age), who is Mr. Independent let me do for myself, makes a huge mess.  I make waffles and he decides to get the syrup out himself.  This is usually no problem he is generally really well behaved.  He finishes his three waffles, and the proceeds to pour the entire bottle of sugar free syrup onto his empty plate, does not play in it, maybe drinks a little, but otherwise no reason to do this except for attention.  After awhile in time out (I still let him have his books, but no toys), he says, "Mommy, I thought about what I did and I am sorry i spilled the syrup and wasted your money."  That ruined my resolve and I let him out.  How can you resist stuff like that.

   Elise is so close to crawling, and she seems to want to so bad.  She just gets all princessy and wants me to pick her up when she gets frustrated.  I have started to do so and just redirect her.  I sit her up and give her a different toy than the one she was after.  She also drank juice from a real cup today.  It is a huge step because she would not drink juice or water out of a bottle or sippy and I am trying to introduce those for easier transitioning later.

I have been playing with photoshop and working on getting some samples up on here.  That may wait until next week as we have a busy weekend.  I am hoping I get my first booking soon with this great special.  I am working on selling my little cameras so I can upgrade, but for now will probably be borrowing from a friend.  I really hope to be working with families and babies soon.

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